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Buying a New Saddle

Crewe Saddlery to the rescue
When I bought Riley he came with a very old saddle, however I was advised it fitted him and as I knew I would be bringing him back into work and that would inevitably mean he would be changing shape it was suggested that I use it. Fast forward a few weeks and during my riding lesson Heather my instructor noticed that it was no longer fitting properly, and it was time for a new one.  With this in mind I stopped riding him until I had a replacement. I will admit I was hoping to buy a second hand saddle as I was told that he would need a further saddle in the future as he would change shape again and also it had been pointed out that he was an awkward shape, or as Sarah from Crewe Saddlery so kindly put it, he had unique confirmation. So, I made an appointment with Crewe Saddlery for Friday 13th March 2020 (which isn’t necessarily a good omen).

Saddle Fitting Day

Saddle number 2 wins
At 11.30am Sarah from Crewe Saddlery arrived at my livery yard and after the initial introductions she asked me questions about him and took various measurements. After this Sarah bought out a few saddles and began to see how they fitted on to Riley’s back.  Each one was ruled in or out and Sarah concluded that Riley needed a pony saddle.  She had two possible contenders and the next step was for her to seem them when I was riding Riley. We put Riley’s bridle on, and Sarah put the first of the two saddles on for me to ride and initially this is the one that she thought might be more promising of the two.  It was a brown synthetic saddle/ Riley and I walked and trotted, and Sarah watched us and took note of how it was fitting him and how I was riding in it and afterwards saddle number one was a contender. Time for saddle number two, a black leather Monarch GPS and again Sarah put the saddle on and I walked and trotted Riley.  I don’t know why but I preferred this saddle although I was prepared to buy the one that Sarah thought was the most appropriate. When I had finished riding with saddle number two, I spoke with Sarah and she advised that after seeing me riding in both saddles the second one was without a doubt that best one for me. I was pleased and excited as the Monarch GPS saddle was my favourite of the two.   Not only as I preferred riding with it, but it was also beautiful and the leather saddle that I had hoped for. Once I had finished riding Sarah said that the saddle just needed some flocking so went to her van and adjusted it.

Photo Opportunity

Sarah from Crewe Saddlery holding Riley whilst I proudly show off his new saddle
We wanted to take photos as I knew I wanted to write this blog and for Riley and me it was a momentous occasion, so Sarah kindly agreed to be part of our photo shoot. Sarah advised that we have regular saddle checks and she is coming back in 3 months to see how we are getting on. I would highly recommend Crewe Saddlery.  Sarah was professional, knowledgeable and lovely all rolled into one.  The whole experience was a joy and there was no hard sell, just a feeling of ensuring you and your horse had the saddle that suited you.

Sharon Howe

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