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Alvaro Rodriguez Siscar
This week I’m chatting with the very talented Spanish dressage rider Alvaro Rodriguez Siscar. Alvaro works, rides and competes successfully for a top competition yard in Holland.  Read on to discover more about Alvaro, his ambitions, and top tips for success

Tell us a little about you and your horses

Alvaro Rodriguez Siscar
Meet the highly talented Alvaro Rodriguez Siscar.
My name is Alvaro Rodriguez Siscar, I am twenty eight years old and from Spain. Currently I am in Holland  and had been in Germany for the last 5 years at a dressage selling stable. I am interested in riding as well as selling horses. The entire selling business of dressage horses excites me a lot. I have two of my own horses. One I bought as a foal which is now 3 years old and the other my future horse (which I see a lot of potential in), is 6 years old

How did horses come into your life?

My grandfather owned a stable with a lot of horses.

How long have you been riding?

Santa Claus 30 is one of the amazing horses that Alvaro rides and competes
Santa Claus 30 is one of the amazing horses that Alvaro rides and competes
Nineteen years

When and where do you ride?

I started at nine years -first in Spain (at Beatriz Ferrer-Salat, Jose Carlos Castillo and Jordi Domingo) and for the last 5 years I rode in Germany (at Matthias Bouten, Kira Wulferding. Now I work for Team Collins Strijk

How did you start riding?

Alvaro Rodriguez Siscar hopes to compete for Spain
Alvaro in action
  My Family had a riding stable in the past. When I was nine years old, my brother forced me to start riding, since that day I never stopped riding. Firstly, I started with the Spanish traditional “alta escuela and moros I cristianos” until my desire to learn the classic dressage arose. Then I started riding dressage with Ivan Nieto, which were my first steps in the direction of dressage.

What you and your horses currently working on?

  Real balance and straightening the body first, afterwards going to the next levels and playing with the exercises. The daily work of each horse is varying and depending on the daily conditions.

What do you love about riding?

Alvaro Rodriguez Siscar dressage rider
Alvaro working at the incredibly scenic stables in Germany
The feeling of getting one with horse as a team and fully gain the horses trust.

What you would you like to be doing in the future and do you have any goals?

Improving the horses I am riding as much that I feel there is nothing to improve more. My biggest goal in life is getting into the Spanish team one day.


Have you ever had to deal with nerves in riding? 

Alvaro Rodriguez Siscar international dressage rider
Alvaro looking fabulous
No, I am not nervous. I am very focused while riding. Especially at shows.


How do you deal with them?

Breathe in and get rid of any negative tension, work on the good things first.

Your Top Tip

Listen to your feeling and hard work pays off



Down the Centre Line


Who would be your dream horse to ride?

My first choice would be Bohemian from Cathrine Dofour

Who is your equestrian hero?

Matthias Bouten and Patrik Kittel  – both know how to get out the best out of their horses


If you could have 5 people to dinner who would they be?

My Family (a big one) and my Girlfriend

Favourite colour horse?

Dark Chestnut


Favourite horse event?

CHIO Aachen


Favourite food?

Burgers and Spanish food


Favourite way to relax?

Having good food, vacations and good movies


Favourite film?

Ocean`s Eleven

Want More?

If you enjoyed meeting Alvaro  you might like to view more dressage rider “chatting with” interviews here    You can keep up with Alvaro’s progress and check out his instagram page here  

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