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Hannah Laser and Va‘Pensiero winning the Bundeschampionat in 2020
German professional international dressage rider Hannah Laser has enjoyed incredible success including twice winning the Bundeschampionats and finishing 6th at the 2021 World Young Horse Championships in Verden. The hugely talented Hannah is completing her Masters Degree in riding this year and is about to start a fantastic new challenge joining the team of Tessa Frank after leaving her job as head dressage rider at Klosterhof Medingen. Hannah has been described by Tessa Frank as “one of the most successful trainers of young dressage horses in recent years.” Frank went on to say “Hannah has made an excellent name for herself at championships and world championships for young dressage horses through her fine, welfare-considerate horsemanship and her way of showing the horses and thus fits perfectly with our philosophy.” We are sure that Hannah will enjoy many more successes and look forward to following her achievements in the future.  

Tell us about you and your horses

Hannah Laser and Va‘Pensiero winning the Bundeschampionat in 2020
Hannah and Va‘Pensiero winning the Bundeschampionat in 2020 (image courtesy of Kiki Beelitz)
  My name is Hannah Laser, I’m twenty-eight years old and work as a professional German dressage rider for seven years. I’m doing my master’s degree in riding right now and will finish at the end of this year. I’m come out of a non-horse family and started my career at Klosterhof Medingen seven and a half years ago. I finished school when I was nineteen and then did one year as a working student for Columbian rider Marco Bernal in Wellington, Florida. After that, I couldn’t imagine not doing something with horses. Horses always have been my passion, and it was the best decision to turn it into my fulltime job. I have had a few stallions that brought me up the last years and I’m so thankful for each of them.

Firstly, there is Damaschino. He is the most special one for me and more like a good friend. I was able to win my first Bundeschampionats title with him, my first start at the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses and so much more. After Damaschino, Va’Pensiero followed the next year, and I won my second Bundeschampionats title with him. I have had 11 starts with him on shows and we have brought home 11 wins. Most of the time with 90% and higher marks.
Hannah Laser dressage
Hannah and Quantensprung strutting their stuff at the stallion show in Verden in 2024

The last two years there followed Escaneno St. Emilion and I also got the ride on Quantensprung. There have been so many nice experiences with winning the sport test for stallions several times, being at the Nationals winning and all the stallion shows I have wonderful memories too. I have started riding my first S* and S** and already won a few of them.

How did horses come into your life?

Hannah Laser dressage horse trainer
Hannah and Escaneno showing their paces at the stallion show in Münster 2023
Horses came into my life early as my grandfather used to have an old Trakehner gelding I learnt to ride on. My grandfather was always putting me in front of himself in the saddle even before I could walk. Since then, horses have been always in my life next to school but only as an amateur rider. I used to ride in a private barn where people gave horses to me when they went on holidays, or they needed help in their daily business. Three years ago, I bought my first foal, he’s now under saddle and I’m super excited to see how he will develop. I have a few more youngsters which I own and I’m excited to see the next years under saddle. I also own half of a six-year-old Vitalis gelding in cooperation with the breeders where I’m grateful for their consistent support. He will be ready for showing this year and I always say, he is my fun horse. Super easy, willing to work and I love his character.

When and where do you ride?

Tessa Frank dressage team
Hannah and the new team team with Tessa Frank
Since I started fulltime with horses, I think there have been only a few days where I have not ridden. My day starts normally at 7 am and goes through to somewhere between 5-7pm. It depends on if there are shows around, clients or it’s just the ‘normal’ day. I used to ride at Klosterhof Medingen, which is located in North Germany, an hour south-east by car from Hamburg. Now I will start a new chapter in my life and move to a new barn and work with Tessa Frank. After seven years at Klosterhof I’m really looking forward to learning new stuff, getting to work with great people and make a big, new step into my career. We will be located on the barn Eichengrund, which is between Hamburg and Hannover. We will have 35 stalls and together with our clients and our team we want to bring horses in the top sport.

Who do you train with?

Hannah and Damaschino winning Bundeschampionat in 2019
Hannah and Damaschino winning Bundeschampionat in 2019
The trainer who has been by my side nearly every day for the last seven years is Burkhard Wahler. He helped me a lot with my skills for young horses and introduced me to the work with stallions. Together we did all the shows, stallion tests, stallion shows, Bundechampionate . He has always given me the security I needed from the ground for all the tasks. I also used to train every other month with Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen who helped us a lot before the World Championships for Young Horses. Last year I had the pleasure to work for four weeks with Klaus Balkenhol. That was an amazing experience. For six months Tessa came every other week to Meidngen and I had the opportunity to train a few horses with her. But my main trainer has always been Burkhard Wahler. Now I’m really looking forward to the new chapter in my life where all these people will still feature in. Tessa will be my main trainer there. Burkhard Wahler and Hans-Heinrich will continue teaching every other week and Ingo Pape will complete the training once a week.

What are you and your horses currently working on?

Hannah and Damaschino at the World championships for young horses
Because right now I’m the position of switching jobs and sorting my life kind of in a new way I’m super excited about the new horses I will get. So, it will take a little bit time to get to know them. Finding their strengths and their weaknesses, but I’m looking forward to that. We have already had super interesting offers and some special horses will go on their way to the new facility on the first of May.

It takes a team to do dressage, who is in your support team?

My whole family has nothing really to do with horses but is standing behind me all the time and most important, I think, believing in me. Then of course I have my trainer Burkhard Wahler for over seven years now and together we could reach all the success we have made the last seven years. I’m super happy he will keep supporting me in my new chapter which starts 1st May. He was the first one believing in me when I started at Klosterhof. I also work with Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen and last year I had the chance to train for four weeks with Klaus Balkenhol. Amelie used to work for me at Klosterhof keeping the horses happy and taking care of them, so that’s a huge part when you have somebody you trust. But what I think is most important to surround yourself with people which make you feel good and believe in you.


What do you love about riding?

The connection you get with the horses. Horses can’t lie about anything. They always show you their true reaction and when you get that special bond with a horse I think there is nothing better. It’s not always about the big shows you are in, it’s more about the training. When they try to understand something, when you only have to think about it, and they start doing it. I think that’s special and unique.

What would you like to be doing in the future and do you have any goals?

I would love to create a space where people like to come, where there is harmony and good positivity, where horses and humans live their best lives. I could also imagine having that in a foreign country somewhere where it’s warmer in the winter. I want to become the best version of myself and grow more and more into the big sport. When I started riding professionally it was always a dream of mine to represent Germany in a championship or something like that. When I rode my first World Championships of young Dressage horses it felt totally surreal. But my biggest goal is to stay true to myself and the work I believe in with horses.

Have you ever had to deal with nerves in riding?

I did! When everything started the success was coming quick. So, after my first two Bundeschampion titles the pressure on the stallions got more and more and the expectation to deliver a good round after round were high. I didn’t know this big shows before.

How do you deal with them?

So, before I went to the World Championships for Young horses the first time in 2021, I started to work with a mental coach. I was not used to feeling so much pressure and to compete against the best riders and horses in the world. It helps me a lot to really get into a good zone before my riding and finding my inner balance. Now with more confidence and more experience I’m not that nervous anymore.

Do you have any rituals before competing?

I always do the braiding by myself. It helps me to connect with the horse before a competition and calms me down. Also, I have a lucky charm which I carry in my pocket for the big shows.

Your Top Tip

Inside leg, outside rein and when you’re not in a good mood, go on a hack or lunge the horse. The horse is always the best mirror to your inner self.


What is the best piece of advice that you have ever been given?

When you want something to be changed you have to start with the change.


Down the Centre Line


Who would be your dream horse to ride?

Damaschino is/was my dream horse to ride, his quality but even more his character and his willingness to work are so special. But I wouldn’t mind tthe chance to sit on Valegro, MSJ Freestyle or Fendi.

Who is your equestrian hero?

Really admiring Cathrine Laudrup-Dufour, I think it’s amazing how she can develop the young horses up to Grand Prix Level and I love the frame she puts them in. It always looks so easy. And Isabell Werth of course, the stability she has in the sport over the last decades is really inspiring. I worked a few times with her and what I like the most about her is that she is so down to earth.

If you could have five people to dinner, who would they be?

Michelle Obama, Micheal Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Pep Guardiola and Klaus Balkenhol

Favourite colour horse?

Chestnuts and black ones, but at the end the quality and the willingness of the horse really matters.

Favourite horse event?

Have been the first time to the Frankfurter Festhalle this year and was so amazed by the atmosphere it gives you. When I went there, I said straight away: one day I want to ride here and of course Aachen. The atmosphere they create is unbelievable.

Favourite food?

Love good Italian and Mexican food


Favourite way to relax?

Wellness weekends, a good book and a message are my favourite thing to do, also good food with good company where you forget about the things around you.

Favourite film?

The Holiday, The Intouchables

Want More?

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