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  This week I’m chatting with Spanish international Grand Prix dressage rider Judit Sarda.⁣  Based in Frankfurt, Judit works and rides for the world famous Gestüt Schafhof dressage stud farm and enjoys considerable success competing horses at all levels .  Read on to learn more about Judit, her ambitions, and top tips for success


Tell us about you and your horses

Judit and Lukas competing at their first 5yo test in Germany (Oldenburg)
My name is Judit Sarda, I am international GP rider born in Barcelona (Spain) 3rd March 1992. I have been living in Germany for 9 years with my horses Don Primus and Lukas.

Don Primus is a 14-year-old Hanoverian. He has been with me since he was 3 years old, and we have competed together from the young horse classes up to GP international, winning numerous times.

Lukas is a 7-year-old KWPN. He has been with me since he was 3 years old, he is a horse with a lot of aptitude for GP, I have high expectations for him for the future.  

How did your horses come into your life?

Judit Sarda Spanish Grand Prix dressage rider
Judit and Don Primus at their first CDI show in Germany (Verden)
I do not come from a family related to the horse world; I have always been a great lover of animals in general.   The fact of being able to be with them and take care of them, makes my life related to horses.  

When and where do you ride?

I currently live in Frankfurt and work for Gestüt Schafhof.  My daily routine starts early at 6:00 am with my first horse.  I ride about 11-12 horses a day.


How did you start riding?

I started riding when I was five years old.  It was a birthday present from my parents.  


What you and your horses currently working on?

Judit Sarda international dressage
Judit with Primus at a CDI in Slovakia. Picture taken at the GP where they placed 3rd
Currently I am in the middle of the show season.  I focus a lot on the attitude and precision of the exercises for the test each horse must do.  

What you would you like to be doing in the future and do you have any goals?

I am doing what I always wanted to do (show rider).  I try to set my goals according to the competition season I am in, and the shape my horses are in.  


Have you ever had to deal with nerves in riding? 

Over the years I have learned to control my nerves. I recognise that there is always a bit of tension, I am a perfectionist, and it is very important for me to do well.


How do you deal with them?

I think that being able to control my nerves comes from my daily work.  Having a good system of working with my horses and a lot of routine.  That will mean that when I’m in a competition I will have more resources and control.


Your Top Tip

A lot of basic work. Easy transitions, looking for a good balance and varied work, not always working on the arena go to the racetrack, easy lunge…  


Down the Centre Line


Who would be your dream horse to ride?



Who is your equestrian hero?

You always can learn something from any rider

If you could have 5 people to dinner, who would they be?

My family

Favourite colour horse?


Favourite horse event?

Festhalle (Frankfurt)  

Favourite food?


Favourite way to relax?

Listen to music or paint  

Favourite film?


Want More?

If you enjoyed meeting Judit you might like to view more dressage rider “chatting with” interviews here    You can keep up with Judit’s progress and check out her instagram page here

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