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European dressage championship action
This week I’m chatting with the very talented Italian FEI dressage rider, Margherita Josi Paglier.  Read on to discover more about Margherita, her horses, ambitions, and top tips for success.

Tell us a little about you and your horses

2 yeard old child riding pony
Margherita at 2 years old
I’m Italian, I am twenty six years old and I would say that horse riding is part of my imprinting because there is photographic evidence that I started riding at the age of two.  


How did horses come into your life?

dressage rider
Margherita and Califa at the European championships for Iberian horses
  My mom was an amateur rider and she used to take me to the stable with her where I got infected by the horse world. When I was a kid I practiced many disciplines – show jumping, pony races, one days event and dressage . I played horseball until I was 18 achieving many Italian, European and world titles.until  the 2014 WEG in Normandy, where I participated with the Italian horseball team. That was my last horseball competition. Then I decided to dedicate myself to what I loved the most, dressage.  


When and where do you ride?

Margherita in action competing at horseball with Egea du Verger at the world equestrian games 2014,
  Twelve years ago my mother opened up an equestrian centre where I ride everyday with a partner and I have been able to dedicate a part of it to dressage and to be totally independent (and alone!) in the management.



What you and your horses currently working on?

Margherita Josi Paglieri riding Elkintot at his first CDI
Margherita riding Elkintot at his first CDI
  I’m working my 5yo italian bred horse, Sir Elkintot. Last year he got the silver medal at the italian championships for 4 yo, and I must say that this year at fei 5yo level we’re having good fun! Then I have my GP PRE stallion Califa who also had  nice results last year at the european championships for iberian horses, getting the silver medal and last but not least there’s Lecontendro, my former U25 championships ride.



What do you love about riding?

European dressage championship action
Margherita and Le Contendro at the 2019 U25 European championship
I love everything about riding.  The  daily challenges that make you learn new things every day either on the saddle or on the ground.and the horse world that I consider it my second family.  



What you would you like to be doing in the future and do you have any goals?

  My goals are unfortunately every professional rider’s  goals; Try to qualify my young horses for the Fei Dressage world breeding championship, also have a good ranking among the senior italian riders so as to aspire to a place in the team in the future , but above all, be able to show a good riding  



Have you ever had to deal with nerves in riding? 

childrens pony racing
Margherita showing plenty of promise during pony races (On the grey pony – the rider alongside is her best friend)
)Of course. In my early competition years I was often too overwhelmed by the atmosphere and I was not able to handle the nerves. But a few years ago I worked with a mental coach who helped me a lot to get through this. Competing is like a routine now, and I have my special ‘procedure’ in order to make everything go as smooth as possible  



Your Top Tip

  “ Where there’s a will there’s a way. That’s why you should never give up”.  



Down the Centre Line


Who would be your dream horse to ride?

  Mmmm difficult question.. there are many!  But I would say Kontestro



Who is your equestrian hero?

  Maybe more difficult than the above question ! I have many rider heroes  Carl Hester, Charlotte  Dujardin, Cathrine Dufour, Nanna Merrald.



If you could have 5 people to dinner who would they be?

  Carl Hester, Isabell Werth, Juan Matute Guimon, Cathrine Dufour and Chris Martin!  

Favourite colour horse?

  I love bay horses (and not just because they’re the easiest to clean haha)



Favourite horse event?

  CDI3* Las Cadenas in Madrid  


Favourite food?

  Pizza Margherita


Favourite way to relax?

  Hacking in the countryside with my horses


Favourite film?

  An italian movie named “Tutta colpa di Freud” (All Freud’s fault)

Want More?

If you enjoyed meeting Margherita  you might like to view more dressage rider chatting with interviews here    You can keep up with Margherita’s progress and check out her instagram page here          

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