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Romy Bemelmans dressage
This week I’m chatting with Dutch Grand Prix dressage rider and trainer Romy Bemelmans. Based at her family owned stable near Maastricht in the Netherlands,  where she teaches, trains and rides her own horses as well as developing her own horses, Romy has enjoyed considerable success and looks set for more success with some of her young hourses.   Read on to learn more about Romy, her ambitions, and top tips for success


Tell us a little about you and your horses

Romy Bemelmans dressage I’m Romy Bemelmans, twenty-eight years old and live in the south of the Netherlands near Maastricht. I’m lucky to be a mother, dressage rider and teacher. Together with my man, brother, and mother we own a stable with more than 100 horses. My father passed away 5 years ago, he was my rock and biggest supporter, and it is still very difficult for me. My best horse has just been sold to a junior rider. I ride one horse for a good friend of ours in the small tour now and hopefully next year GP. I have one 6-year-old mare who is hopefully my future star and one 4-year-old one. I just want to love and enjoy the sport.

How did horses come into your life?

My parents had a pig farm, but it was a bad time for them, and they lost a lot of money.  They then switched it to horses because my father was a jumping rider.  I got my first pony when I was two years old.

When and where do you ride?

  In the morning, after I have taken care of my child I go and train my horses and teach.

How did you start riding?

I got my first pony from my grandfather when I was two years old.

What are you and your horses currently working on?

  More collection and relaxation. Dressage is so difficult when you want to do it the right way.  I want to give my horses the time they need and for them to like their work. You must think to yourself, when you don’t like your work, you don’t do your work perfectly. When you love your job, you always want to do it better.

What do you love about riding?

The feeling between the rider and the horse when everything goes well is magical. You can’t speak with each other, so you must communicate another way and that’s what makes it amazing. I think a lot of people get mad with the horse when their own communication is the problem.  People often can’t understand themselves so, how will a horse understand then?

What you would you like to be doing in the future and do you have any goals?

  I want to teach; I love teaching and do it will all my heart.  I have a few children who are very talented and to grow together with them is wonderful. For myself, I want to ride a good Grand Prix test, and to enjoy life.

Have you ever had to deal with nerves in riding?

  No, never!


Your Top Tip

Believe in yourself. Manifesting is everything.

Down the Centre Line


Who would be your dream horse to ride?

Fendi from Sonke Rothenberger. What a horse.

Who is your equestrian hero?

Catherine Dufour is an inspiration for the whole horse world. The kindness in her riding is amazing.

If you could have 5 people to dinner, who would they be?

My best friends

Favourite colour horse?


Favourite horse event?

Chio Aachen


Favourite food?


Favourite way to relax?

Vacation and quality time with family and friends


Favourite film?

Hacksaw ridge

Want More?

If you enjoyed meeting Romy you might like to view more dressage rider “chatting with” interviews here    You can keep up with Romy’s progress and check out her instagram page here

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