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Equilibrium massage pad and hotspot product image
I first encountered some of the Equilibrium range of products during one of the Equilibrium sponsored “Meeting of Minds Tour 2021” demonstration evenings featuring Jason Webb  and Charlie Unwin, where Jason shared his principles of training horses and Charlie demonstrated principles of human performance using his expertise in sports psychology. The evening was fascinating and so were the products on display during the evening. Here is an introduction to Equilibrium, a little of the history behind the company and some of the equine products that they have developed.

Tell us about Equilibrium

Margaret and Timmy – the ‘founders’ of Equilibrium Products
Margaret and Timmy – the ‘founders’ of Equilibrium Products
We were founded back in 2001 by one horse owner and now our Managing Director, Margaret Donnelly. Her horse Timmy started violently shaking his head as a 5-year-old. At the time, there weren’t many options for headshaking horses. But Margaret, with her background in product development, was determined to come up with a solution to help him! As a result, the Muzzle Net was created and we grew from there, concentrating on products that could really help the wellbeing of the horse. We are now based just outside Leighton Buzzard, on the Beds./Bucks. border, at a lovely, rural business park – which happens to be right next door to a local show venue! We’re all animal lovers and very much take inspiration from our own horses too.


Tell us what Equilibrium do

We pride ourselves in having thoroughly tested and researched products, but also products which stand the test of time and last. Our core ranges cover a wide variety of items primarily for the horse – from Massage Pads and Magnetic products to Fly Masks and Boots, all the way to Treats and Supplements. Our products tend to look a bit different to others that are on the market, as we try creating something where we feel there is a gap or where an improvement can be made, rather than just developing a product for the sake of it.

Tell us about the massage pad and mitt

Equilibrium massage pad and hotspot product image
Hotspot and Pad Combo – the Massage Pad and Mitt in action to help promote relaxation and flexibility.
We know from using massage for ourselves that it can have many benefits. As our horses work hard for us, we believe that we owe it to them to help keep them comfortable.

In general, massage is well known for its ‘feel good’ factor and has been shown to aid relaxation and assist with the maintenance of healthy muscle and muscle function.

Our Massage Pad underwent independent trials which resulted in seeing horses show a 46% increase in back flexibility, as well as an increase in relaxation. They did also note that an increase in stride length was seen! Horses, by nature, can be tense characters both during exercise or sometimes just with day-to-day handling. By increasing relaxation and improving back flexibility, the negative effects of tension can be reduced. A relaxed horse, with relaxed muscles, will move with fluidity and suppleness which is particularly important for competition horses performing dressage movements, and those jumping technical fences. We usually recommend Massage to be of benefit for the following:
  • Horses on box rest to maintain good blood flow
  • After exercise to help support recovery
  • Before exercise as part of warm up
  • At a show to relax after travelling
  • On your horse’s day off as part of a maintenance programme
  • Anytime as a reward
Thermal image before using Massage Pad
The technology used within the Massage Mitt is the same as the Massage Pad, the only difference being that you can target specific areas such as the neck, shoulders, hindquarters, and hamstrings. The Massage Pad was used 6 days a week in the trials, so if you can fit massage into your daily routine that’s great, however some massage is better than none!
Thermal image after using Massage Pad for 30 mins on high

Tell us about magnetic therapy

Magnets have been used on both horses and humans for many, many years and the body’s cells have electromagnetic properties which means they can be affected by a magnetic field. Magnetic fields have been seen to sustain good blood flow and can therefore help to optimise muscle, joint and tendon health.

It’s best to use magnets in a consistent fashion. Some horse owners use magnetic therapy every day as part of their horse’s routine, usually overnight or in the day when stood in (ideally should be used when the horse is at ‘rest’). And in terms of who it’s for, the answer is everyone really! It’s great for horses in work from hacking to competition level, including horses returning to work or retraining. It’s also ideal for those who have older horses, horses on box rest or to help general knocks and bumps.

Our magnets are different to others currently available on the market. Our Vitaflex® magnets present two alternating poles to the body, negative and positive, whereas most other magnets only present one. These strong, circular, and permanent magnetic fields of alternating pole sequences create a more effective magnetic field. They are also designed to be thin, soft, and flexible. This makes them more comfortable for the horse, especially when they are using them overnight! The other difference with our Magnetic Range is that the magnets are completely movable. You can target them directly where your horse needs them, whether it’s on the hock joint, the sacroiliac joint, fetlock joint or shoulder!


Who are your products suitable for?

Our product ranges in general are suitable for all horses – whether they are retired and out in the field or competing internationally. Some products are even suitable for people, and have been used on other pets too, such as dogs and cats! The great thing about the Massage Pad and Mitt as that the material wipes clean so easily, that you can take it home from the stables and use it on yourself too!


What sets Equilibrium apart?

A representation of headcollar testing that Dr David Marlin carried out for Equilibrium.
The research, testing and thought that goes into our products is a lengthy process, but an important one that really allows our products to stand out from the rest. For example, our Tri-Zone Boots go through a 3-phase testing process, which means they are independently laboratory tested, and field tested too by everyday horse owners and top professionals such as William Fox-Pitt and Sam Griffiths. Our Stellar Safety Headcollar has been independently scientifically tested by Dr. David Marlin, and our Massage Range underwent trials at Myerscough College. These are just a few headlines of the testing that goes into our products.

Our other point of difference is our guarantee. All products carry a minimum of a 1-year guarantee, although in reality, they last a lot longer than this – with some Massage Pads for example still going strong 10 years later with everyday use. We take quality seriously and it’s important to us that you have a product that not only lasts, but one that you can trust!

Where can we buy your products?

Our products are sold across the UK in various retailers, as well as internationally, but you can also buy from us directly at You can also easily locate your nearest stockist on our website if you’d like to go in store!      

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