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Riley the Pony New Stable Rug

His Education Begins

After a week of letting Riley settle in and him spending his time in the field during the day and the stable of an evening it was time for his education to begin. Monday morning dawned (3rd February 2020) and it was time for the next step.  Riley had never been in an indoor school or manege, so I gave him an introduction to both by walking him around on both reins letting him take it all in.   Despite a little apprehension he did very well.   As he was due to be clipped that evening, we had purchased a turn-out rug on the Saturday, so we tried that on just to ensure it fitted.  It did and whilst he was totally unaware of what all the fuss was about, we took him into the yard for a few photos, well it was a momentous occasion.
Modelling his new turnout rug
I then took the rug off him for him to be turned out for what I thought was to be the last time with a fluffy coat. Fast forward the rest of the day and I head back to the yard to bring him in from the field and put him in his stable to wait to be clipped by David as he had another horse to clip first who had been sedated.

Earning His Stripes

Riley hasn’t experienced much and so he had never seen clippers before and the introduction to them didn’t go well.  David made a few valiant attempts however Riley kicked out a few times and wasn’t happy, so we decided not to go any further, however Riley had three stripes. So, the decision was made to have him sedated and we arranged a vet visit for Monday 10th February 2020. Tuesday mornings are always busy as I have a riding lesson and then volunteer with Riding for the Disabled, so I wasn’t left with much Riley time however did take him into the indoor school for a walk around. There are so many things that Riley hasn’t experienced, and most horses of his age would have had those things done regularly.  So, we have been working on picking up his feet daily and each day he has more accepting of it.
Riley the Pony New Stable Rug
Showing off his new stable rug
Wednesday, we lunged Riley so bring him back into work.  He has been lunged before and was a little rusty although soon got into the swing of things.

Getting Into His Stride

Thursday, I decided a walk up the lane would be a nice change for him and, I would in the future want to hack out.  He walked up the lane really well and took everything in and he wasn’t entirely relaxed although I was so pleased with how well he took everything in his stride. Friday, Saturday and Sunday we did more of the same, picking up his feet, grooming him, walking down the lane and lunging.
Riley walking along the lane
Riley and I enjoying a walk along the lane
He continues to settle into the yard so well and I am so pleased with how happy he seems to be. I will keep you updated each week as he and I get used to each other and the new yard.

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