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Joshua Jones UK boot makers

Tell us about Joshua Jones UK

Joshua Jones UK boot makers
Joshua Jones UK can be found at most major horse shows and county fairs. Check out their events page to see where you can find them next. ⁠
Joshua Jones UK was launched in 2003 by Steve and Debbie, a husband and wife team. At the time we both realised there was limited choice in the equestrian retail market and we decided to make a trip to the Famous Verona Horse Fair in Italy where we met De Niro, J Van D tailoring, and various other Italian suppliers of Equestrian products, which at that time had not been available in the UK. We started our first year at small local shows and where so surprised at the immediate success we had, so very quickly we applied to larger shows, such as Windsor, Hickstead and Olympia that same year- and the rest really is just History! In 2013, our son, Josh, graduated at University with Honours, in graphic design, and after a successful year working at a design studio, he came on board with Joshua Jones. In 2017, Josh married Kirstie, who also became a JJ team member and our business has just gone from strength to strength.


What boots do you offer?

Salentino Riding Boots
These Salentino boots are beautiful. Which one would you choose
We offer a huge range of models of boots to suit everyone’s needs and disciplines. From super soft to rigid dressage boots. Available in a huge choice of colours with different trims and details.


What makes Joshua Jones stand out from other businesses in the marketplace?

We are a family run business, so are able to dedicate our passion and commitment to every order we receive.  We have over 15 years experience fitting boots and dealing with custom orders.


What sets your boots apart?

Joshua Jones UK DeNiro riding boots boot with zip cover to protect the zip
Ask anyone who has had our boots and they will tell you the comfort is like none other. Of course the customisable choice is a huge bonus but most important is to be comfortable in the saddle.


What should people consider when buying riding boots?

Often it is the extra little details that make the huge difference.  Something we add to many of our boot models is a bottom zip guard, this is a triangular shaped leather piece that pops across at the heel covering the bottom of the zip. Its main function is to protect the zip therefore making the boots last much longer.


Are there any extra considerations for the different disciplines? 

Salento riding boot image
For all chocolate lovers, the Salento model finished in Brown 527 with Lucidi Bistro top
We offer many different models suited to all the disciplines, rigid dressage boots that would not be suitable for a showjumper. Huge choice of colours, however blue boots are not Eventing legal. Other consideration is how the fit of boots differ across the disciplines. For example a dressage rider will ride with a much longer stirrup than a show jumper therefore will prefer a much taller boot.


What should we be looking for in a dressage boot?

Dressage boots can vary, most professional dressage riders will ride In rigid dressage boots. However many dressage riders prefer a softer boot, so there is huge choice when it comes to the different models that are suitable. As always you want a fitted boot that is comfortably fitted, you need to be able to have a good feel of the horse from the inside leg and a soft foot for flexibility in the stirrup. A common problem with dressage boots is customers go for a fit so tall behind the knee that is crucify’s them to begin with, we usually recommend going for a higher bow at the side but a lower back to ensure comfort without loosing any height.

Tell us all about your boots

Part of the Joshua Jones UK stand at Hickstead. The boots look amazing don’t they
We offer two brands DeNiro and Donadeo, each has lots of models with endless choice of colours, trims, crystals . You can view our website for most of the choices available and if you have something more bespoke in mind you can contact our team by email, phone or over social media.


Top Tips for caring for riding boots

Cleaning is the most important part regarding your boots.  Cleaning your boots with saddle soap products will completely ruin them and can cause stitching and leather to rot. We recommend the old fashion polishing method for cleaning. First off, remove all the mud and grease with a damp sponge or cloth. Leave your boots to dry. Apply the Kiwi Polish or DeNiro Nourishing cream using a cloth or applicator brush. – if you have coloured stitching we advise using a neutral coloured polish to avoid tarnishing the stitching. Then buff the boots with a soft brush to give the ultimate shine.

If you have any questions about these Joshua Jones UK, or about any of these boots, including fitting or general boot care, you can contact Joshua Jones UK on their website here          

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