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We missed the poles completely

Riley is warming to his work. I’m so pleased with him.
Riley and I started the week off having our usual lesson with Emma.  After warming up Emma put out some poles on a 20-metre circle.  We started off with three poles then built up to five and then Emma announced that she was going to raise a couple of them and whilst I didn’t show it outwardly, I was a little nervous. All was fine and Riley performed the exercise well although on one circle we missed the poles completely. This was was entirely my fault as I hadn’t planned my turn properly, and my steering was lacking.

I have never seen him lying down in his stable

When I returned to the stables later that day, Lauren who owns the horse in the stable opposite Riley’s stable, showed me a picture that she had taken early that morning of Riley lying down.  I have never seen him lying down in his stable although from the amount of shavings he has in his mane and tail each morning I know that he does.
This image was taken by another owner who had arrived at the stables early in the morning and spotted Riley lying down in his stable. I have never seen him do this. It’s my dream to be in the stable with him when he is lying down….
I know that he is relaxed in his stable and would love to see him lying down. It is a dream of mine to one day sit by his side in the stable when he is lying down.

He gave the loudest whinny

Riley loves hacking and is normally as good as gold although this week he did need a lot of reassurance after spooking when some horses in a field adjacent to the lane starting cantering
The next few days I schooled Riley although I think I may have made a mistake by not riding him on Friday morning.  The farrier came to trim his feet and usually he is well behaved.  I say usually as not this time and the farrier had to tell him off when he wouldn’t give him one of his feet.  I was wondering if he was just having a cheeky day or if it was co-incidental that I had not ridden him before seeing the farrier. That evening when I went to bring him in from the field, he gave the loudest whinny and I felt as though he was pleased to see me.

Riley had a big spook

On Saturday and Sunday, I schooled him and then we hacked down the lane afterwards.  Saturday was uneventful however Sunday he seemed spookier than usual and was looking at things that don’t normally phase him, luckily the worst he usually does it refuse to walk past something or put his head up higher.  It was very windy so that may have added to his reticence. We were almost back to the yard when Riley had a big spook and I am not sure whether it was him seeing the horses in the field through a bush or that that they saw him and all galloped off down the field.  Either way he jumped out of his skin and we stood there for a few moments with me stroking his neck and talking to him.

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